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Proven Strategies for Workday End User Training and Performance Support

Workday End-User Training Development

WSA can help you customize the Workday Adoption Kit and develop additional training content that helps your end users with more complex and customized business processes. We have development and delivery experience with Workday in a variety of engagements. With years of end-user training experience and customized content development expertise, we can help you rapidly develop and deliver Workday training. Our experience and expertise, along with tools and methodologies can help your Workday users perform competently and lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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Rapid Content Development

The nature of a Workday implementation requires rapid approaches to development and unique methodologies. Cloud-based applications in particular have critical differences in user support needs. WSA has partnered with Epilogue Systems for exclusive access to rapid content development technology. We have also created training development methodologies to account for the unique aspects of Cloud-based applications. Our toolkit can accelerate your journey to the Cloud.

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Maintenance and Sustainment

WSA has a unique approach to maintaining Workday end-user training content. "Evergreen" is a subscription service that keeps your content updated with each new Workday release. This approach allows you to harness the power of Workday innovation as it happens and insures that your users always have access to the latest content. Our unique approach to maintenance and sustainment help maximize value of your Workday investment.

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WSA understands the nuances of training for Workday end users.

These guys get it, traditional methods of training and documentation are too slow and heavy for Workday." -VP of HRIS for 65,000 employee global Workday Implementation