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Customized Adoption Kit

The Workday Adoption Kit provides a great start for end user training and Workday keeps it updated for each new release.

WSA can help you customize the Workday Adoption Kit and develop additional training content that helps your end users with more complex and customized business processes.  Our analysis methodology will help you identify the right content to customize and additional content required to support your business processes and end users.

How do we Complement and Enhance the Value of the Workday Adoption Kit?

  • Job Aids – We use a rapid development tool to quickly create additional Job Aids for Business Processes not included in the Adoption Kit or those which require significant customization (and therefore may require more frequent updates).
  • On-Demand Videos – We can rapidly customize the on-demand videos and simultaneously produce high-quality simulations which can be used for practice, or even testing.  Our approach makes this customized content easy to update for new releases.
  • Complementary Materials (Simulations and Interactive Exercises) – We produce simulations of more complex business processes that either serve as demonstrations or interactive exercises, allowing end users to see the business process performed or actually try the business process in a guided activity.
  • Guides and additional Materials – We customize the Facilitator and Activity Guides, as well as Messaging Materials based on the needs of your end users.

Rapid Development – See How Easy it Can be to Create and Maintain Workday Training Content

Click play to see how easily Walker Strategy Associates creates customized Workday training content.