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With extensive Workday experience, WSA can help you deliver customized and sustainable Workday End-User Training including:

Click the Play Button to see how WSA creates easily maintainable custom end-user training content 5 times faster than others.

How Walker Strategy Associates Can Help Your End-Users Perform

Strategy and PlanningServices to Jump-Start Your End-User Training 

    • Rapid assessment of training needs
    • End-user training  strategy, planning, and design quick-start
    • Accelerated development workshop




Adoption Kit Customization BannerContent Focused on the New and Better way of Working

  • Describes business processes as you have configured them
  • Incorporates system, non-system, & cross-application steps
  • Clearly delineates business benefits and advantages
  • Identifies key benefits
  • Demonstrates dashboards, views, and reports
  • Incorporates complementary job aids and demonstrations (videos) which are easily maintained


Custom Content and Development ToolsDevelopment of Additional Content to Support Your End Users

  • For highly customized business processes – specific to you
  • End-to-end business process content incorporating your business rules

Rapid Development Technology

  • Create business process instructions and demonstrations more than 5 times faster
  • Easily develop job aids, demonstrations, and exercises simply by performing a business process
  • Simplify maintenance and support with a standard tool set
  • Create test scripts in 20% of the time previously required



 WSA Maintenance and Sustainment Services IconUpdated Instructions and Content for Each New Release

  • Subscription service based on your Workday functionality
  • Updated content developed and delivered automatically for each new release